History Of Mughals Agra Taj Mahal Red Fort Agra India

History Of Mughals Agra Taj Mahal Red Fort Agra India
The Mughal Empire was one of the largest states in medieval India. It remained a centralized, dynamic & complex organization until the late 16th century. The Mughal dynasty, from Babar to Aurangzeb, produced in succession six generations of world-class rulers. They were political geniuses having powerful military tactics as well as artistic, mystical & scientific qualifications of the highest order. They were writers, calligraphers, collectors of art, founders of great cities, and religious innovators.

Though the early emperors were of the Chaghtai dynasty from Central Asia, the empire and the dynasty unquestionably became Indian. The Mughal dynasty was founded, by a Chaghtai ruler, Zahir-ud-din Mohammed Babar. Babar invaded India in 1526 & defeated Ibrahim Khan Lodi, Sultan of Delhi, in the famous battle of Panipat. Following his victory he sent his son Humayun to Agra, the capital of the Lodi’s, to seize the treasury & the royal palace. Shortly after his arrival at Agra, he was joined by his father who then ascended the throne.

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