Taj Mahotsav Festival and Fairs Kailash Fair Sheetla Fair Bateshwar Fair Agra India

Taj Mahotsav: Agra is famous for it’s art work on different items.Taj Mahotsav is the only fair that support this type of Art work This is a festival of art, craft, cultural and cuisine that’s this fair is the main attraction for those who have intreast in Art & Craft.Thousands of tourist participate in this Fair.
It is held every year between 18-27 February.

Kailash Fair Is celebrated between the month of (Aug./Sep.):- Held at Kailash, 12 km from Agra.
Kailash word refers to the Hindu’s Lord Shiva. It is a major fair celebrated in honor of Lord Shiv who is belived to have appeared here in the from of a stone liungam. This is the one of the most important fair celebrated in Agra.

Sheetla Fair It is Held near Delhi Gate.This Fair is celebrated in the month of (July/Aug.)

Bateshwar Fair :- A month long festival is held annuly during the month of November at the place called Bateshwar, which is situated at a distance of 65 km from Agra.

Urs (Fatehpur Sikri) :- This fair is organized at Sheikh Salim Chisti’s Dargah during the month of Ramzan

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