Month: March 2019

Selling scrap car: Make the most of your used or junk car with these tips

Fetching your desired price for a used car can be a little tiring, but the same for a junk car can be a tough nut to crack. If your car is old and of no use to you,…

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An A-Z Beginner’s Guide on how to sell away your Junk Car to Wreckers!

You probably have an old and non-working car sitting at the back of the garage for years, and now it’s nothing but a ball of rust and a waste of space. You can’t even think about repairing it,…

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Types of car roofs and tips that will help you maintain yours

If you are about to purchase a new car, you need to first work out what sort of a car that you are looking for – for example, the car roof matters a lot when it comes to…

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