Month: October 2018

Reservations for Puente del Pilar, downward

Although until the dates in particular do not know the result very well, the truth is that everything indicates that the hotel room reservations or airline tickets for this next bridge of the Pillar are going down compared to other years …

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BMW Releases Official Pricing For 1-Series

BMW has finally released the pricing of the infamous 2008 1-series coupe. The base price for the 128i is $29,375 and the base price for the 135i is $35,675. BMW showed of the new 1-series at the L.A….

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ALERT! Auto Service Warranty. ALERT!

Approximately 470,000 vehicles or 10% of registered vehicles in Louisiana and Mississippi have been destroyed because of the servere weather and flooding from Hurricane Katrina. Consumers must be on the look out for flood-damaged vehicles which are sure…

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2016 Sport Lotus Exige

The new two-seat Lotus Exige coupe, based on the soft-top Elise, spurs such euphoria from behind the wheel that if the secret of its sheer delightfulness were more broadly known, it’d be deemed a nonconsumable narcotic.  It takes…

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What’s an example of a Hot New Emerging Trend right now? How about one called, “Me, Inc.”

Whether it’s getting a personalized license plate, participating on the latest Reality TV show or having a character in a novel named after you, people are craving to be known. There is a hidden obsession out there in…

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Hot New Emerging Trends For Entrepreneurs

Hot New Emerging Trends For Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs are famous for introducing innovative products and new ways of doing things. Andre Janisch Now, the newest and most powerful tool for Entrepreneurs to create extremely profitable businesses with are based…

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