What To Keep In Mind If You Have A Turbocharged Car

The fact that turbocharged engines require more maintenance is true and for more reasons than one. The main reason is because a turbocharged engine works harder because a turbocharger increases the temperature and the combustion chamber pressure. This adds to the stress on the internal parts like pistons, valves, head gasket and others. It is common knowledge that the harder the engine works, the more it requires maintenance.

Another reason why turbocharged engines like Mazda Cx7 turbo require more maintenance is because of the way they are designed. Since a turbocharged engine has to work at high temperatures of hot exhaust gases while the shaft of the turbocharger gets lubricated by engine oil, it calls for more oil quality. Due to extreme temperatures and heat, engine oil can deteriorate faster and so, most of the turbocharged cars require high-quality, synthetic oil change at short intervals.

Here are some tips to help you with your turbocharged car.

1. Oil

Synthetic oil will be better for turbocharged cars because it’s better at dealing with higher degrees of heat produced. Also, you must change the oil of your car every 5000 miles. Since oil is one of the most important components of a turbocharged car, get the best quality oil filters that you can. Your car owner’s manual must come with some instructions or ideas about what kind of oil and oil filters will best suit your car. Refer to the manual for the best idea about oil and oil filters. Oil filters of turbocharged cars, ideally, should be changed every 10,000 miles.

2. Let The Engine Warm Up

This is a very important thing that needs to be kept in mind. Remember, that when you start your turbocharged car, the oil is cold and needs time to warm up to be able to perform well. This means that when you start your car, you must give it time to warm up before you accelerate.

3. Your Driving

Apart from letting your engine warm up before you accelerate, you should also be a wise person when driving your turbocharged car. You must slowly accelerate and pick up the pace. Let your car get used to the rising temperatures and power. You must not let your engine overheat due to longer durations of power. The temperature must be monitored if you want your turbocharged engine to last longer. It is advised that you should let the engine cool down for around 30 seconds before turning off the ignition.

4. Careful When Steering Around Turns and Corners

It may seem fun to steer and turn on corners at high speed but it’s not as much fun for your turbocharged engine. You must know how turbocharged vehicles work, they have a delayed response because the output of power goes forth only once the turbo has kicked in completely. This causes a lot of cars to under or oversteer and this can cause the car to slide or get out of control. You should never speed on turns and curves in a turbocharged car. Always go slow on turns and curves without fully pressing the accelerator in a turbocharged car.

5. Overtake With Gears

It is advised not to rely on the turbo engine for all accelerating requirements of the car. While overtaking, you should downshift into a lower gear because it is a safer option for long term. You should always use a combination of turbo boost and gear changes to make your turbo engine last longer and limit its wear and tear.


Since turbo engines are made of up more parts than a non-turbo engine, it demands more maintenance and care. The more parts an engine is made up of, the higher its chances of breaking down or wear and tear. These little tips can ensure that your Navara D40 turbo engine lasts you a long time and gives an improved performance as well.

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