Taking care of your new car: Adulting done right!

Dreaming, saving, booking and finally you drive your first lady-love of a car through the driveway and feel like an adult.

You take her out for a spin around town, make strict rules like ‘no eating in the car’, clean her up every other morning, so much so that even Vin Diesel would feel proud of you- your first accomplishment.

However, soon enough this fascination fades out like a fad and you start missing the weekend cleaning routines, oil changes, servicing and before you know it, your car becomes just another possession and every now and then you feel guilty for not taking care of her.

So why feel guilty when you can feel like a grown-up by following a few simple routines and actually take care of your car in an affordable, easy way?

Get up and clean it AT LEAST once a month

A dirty car is prone to attracting and accumulating more and more dust and grease that can seriously end up damaging the exteriors and interiors. And trust us, it does not catch any eyeballs for a good reason on the road.

So grab a vacuum for cleaning the insides of your car and any good car wash liquid for the exteriors and get on with it. In fact, bringing it to a professional car wash won’t hurt either. It is less work, more effective and only once a month.

Take care of the tyres

It is very important to keep a check on your vehicle’s tyre pressure once a month. This is because incorrect pressure of the tyres can lead to many performance issues such as instability, poor braking, poor mileage, and quite obviously, a flat tire.

Along with checking the pressure, you should also rotate them after every 7000 to 7500 miles for an even wear. This will enhance the longevity of your tires.

Doing this as required will cost you next to nothing when compared with the cost of replacing the tires.

Replace the oil after every 5500 to 7500 miles

Every car needs oil for proper lubrication of engine and if you fail to replace the dirty oil with fresh oil, it may cause dirt to accumulate and this can eventually damage your car’s engine beyond repair.

Taking your car to a professional service for oil replacement at regular intervals is crucial for its long life. Only, make sure that the oil that is being used by the mechanic is from a reliable and quality brand.

Change your Brake pads after every 20,000 to 25,000 miles

Your brake pads endure a lot of resistance of the brake power and at high temperatures which can cause them to wear out.

Getting the brakes checked every now and then by professionals is very important for safe driving. Negligence towards your brake pads can cause the failure of brake rotors which can cost up to $700 for replacement and even an emergency that is far more serious to deal with.

In the end

Keeping the mirrors and lights in check are standard road safety measures to follow in order to avoid a ticket. However, keeping things like the interiors, air filters, keeping your car snow ready are some measures that can not only keep your baby running for long but also gain you better resale value.

So learn the uses of Automotive Tools and Equipment and grab a kit for cleaning and take care of your car. It’s worth it.

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